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January 30th, 2010

 iHate Living In This Stupid House My Grandma Is  A Stupid Bitch And I Fucking Hate Her Dumb Ass! She Just Got Mad At Me For No Fucking Reason Just Because iDidnt Clean Her Room! She Didnt Tell Me When She Wanted Me To Do It. Uggh So She Get At Me For No Reason And Starts Screaming At How She Dont Wanna Look At Me And How She Cant Stand Me,And How I Tell My Mom Everything! I Swear I Rather Live WIth My Dad Then To Live In This Fucking Hell Whole!..She Had My Mom To Call And Yell At Me To Clean Her Room But When I Go Upstairs To Do It Shes In Her Room And Starts Screaming And Yelling How She Dont Want Me In Her Room And She Dont Wanna Look At Me...I FUCKING HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TIL I GET 18 IMMA MOVE OUT AND NEVER COME VISIT MY GRANDMA IF SHE STILL ALIVE I TRY SOO HARD TO BE NICE AND RESPECTFUL BUT LIVING WITH A HOUSE FULL OF WOMEN ITS SOO HARD NOT SO MUCH MY MOM BUT MY GRANDMA! OMG I WISH I COULD JUST RUN AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK!  SHE IS SUCH A BITCH FOR NO REASON HER ROOM IS NOT MY FUCKING RESPONSABILTY! UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH



September 26th, 2009

I Havent!


Omg! I Havent Been On This Thing For A Long Time Can You Say [Seven Weeks]...Dag On Thats A Long Time Well Let Me Catch Yall Up..On Reason I Havent Been On This Thing Is Because I Got Punished Because ATeacher Lied..So I Got Punished On The Worst Day Ever [9.11.09]...So Im Going To Be Off Punishment On The 30th Of This Month...[Yay Me]...But Before That Ive Been So Busy I Forgot All About My Little Jurnal Until Today!...Ive Have Mostly Been Focusing On [Cheerleading and School]...So Havent Had The Time To Get Started On My Stories!....
But Hopefully I Would Be Doing Them Sonner Than Later...

August 7th, 2009

Once Again!


So I Supposed Tew Be Going Tew The Mall Tew Go School Shoping Widd My Bestfrandd...
But She NOT Comein Once Again..So Now Like Im Goin Widd My Mom..[Which Is Not A Problem]
But The Thing Is That My Bestfrandd Is Always Doin Dhis..So Our Friendship Is Now A
Question Mark[???]..Like Everytime Me&&Her Are Suppose Tew Be Goin Somewhere Widd Me
Its Like She Always Gotta Cancel..[But Waddeva]...Life Goes On&&Imma Live It Tew Dha Fullest..
[After All Yuh Only Live Once]...But Im Kinda Glad She Not Goin So Now Me&&My Mom Can
Spend A Day Together..[Like A Mother&&Daugther Thing]..

August 6th, 2009

Hey Ppl Im Hopefully Im Coming Out With My Own....[Drum Roll]...Online Book...
And Hopeful Lookin For Fans...But The Thing is Imma Start Posting It All Over
Like On Myspace.com,Myyearbook.com,I May Even Make Another Livejournal for
My Book..Then If I Get Alot Of Fans I Might Make MY Own Website To Post My Book...[
I Havent Really Named My Book Because Ive Been Kinda Busy Lately...[
But I Will.....[Cheer]....But Heres The Deal The Book Is Like For Ages..[
I Dont Want Any Drama If You Dont Like My Book I Will Understand...
I Take Construstive Criticism Because It Helps Make Me Become A Better Writer&&Author...[Claps]

I Dont Know The Date Imma Post It But I Will Giva Yall Updates!


July 29th, 2009

What do you most want for your family’s future?

To Get A Long&&Not Argue With One Another,Everytime They See Each Other.
Ugh It Gets SO Anoyin When That Happens!


July 26th, 2009

Okay Day


Well Today Is Kinda Boring "So Far" Like I Suppose To Been Going Over My Bestfrandds House But She Going Ova Her Sisters House! "What A Bummer". So Now Im Like Gonna Be Siting In The House With Nothing To Do But Get On The Computer,Watch Tv,Talk On The Phone&&Eating!..."LIke Wow I Really Wanna Do That All Day!"{sarcasticly}.I Love Hanging Out With My Friends I Can Not Stand Being In The House Being Bored All Day! I Gotta Find Something To Do Or Imma Go Crazy Being Bored!..But Anyways I Signed Up For Twitter.com...And Somebody Can You LIke Plz Tell Me Whats The Whole Point..I Mean All You Do Is Tell People What Your Doing..What Kinda Crap Is That I Mean Its Like Very Useless...You Cant Send Messages On Their And You Dont Have A Real Page..
Are you friends with your parents?

Yeah Im Friends With My Parents But I Mean I Dont Always Get Along With Them

July 25th, 2009

Writer's Block: Leave Room

What's your favorite dessert?
Cookies&&Cream Ice Cream! Its Like The Best Eva..<3

July 24th, 2009

If you could only eat one kind of cuisine—Mexican, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.—for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
Okay I Would Diffently Pick Chinese Food Because I LOVE Combination Lo Mein....
It Like The Best Eva! <3

My First Hickey!


Okay Yesterday I Got My First Hickey!..Thank Goodness My Mom Wasnt Home!...Okay This Is What Happened. Me And My Boyfrandd Was Just Siting On My Couch In The Living Room And We Was Just Kissing So Den He Gave Me A Kiss On The Cheek But He Started To Suck On My Cheek..I Didnt Think Noffin Of It.Until He Said:OMG Its A Hickey On Your Face!.But He Always Use To Pull That Lil Prank On Me So I DIdnt Think Nothin Of It. I Was Like:Yeah Wateva,But Den He Told Me To Go Look My Self..So I Went To The Bathroom&&Look And Their It Was! {Thank God It Was Not Dhat Big But It Was Dark&&Red...So I Went Back In The Living Room&&Starting To Beat His Ass!...But Come To Find Out He WAsnt Even Tryin To!..So After He Apologized For It Like A Thousand Times..He Finally Left...And Soon As He Left I Went To My Moms Room And Got On The Computer&&Googled Ways To Get Widd Of It! I Used Ice,Cold Spoon,A Quater,Lip Stick Cap,Pencil Eraser, Even Toothpaste! When He Left It Was About 10:30 So I Didnt Finish Geting It Off Until Like 3:00 In The Morning!...So I Got It Off Before My Mom Came Home!..Thank You God!..And Now Its A Lil Tiny Mark,But It Blends In With My Face So It Dont Show!


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